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The Caldwell County WIC office participates in the Farmer's Market Nutrition Program which allows us to offer a limited number of vouchers to qualifying WIC participants.  This is a great program to participate in because it offers in-season fruits and vegetables to participants, promotes use of locally grown produce, and offers increased nutritional benefits because there is a shorter time from farm to table than you would be able to get from your local grocery store.

Farmer's Market vouchers are different from your CVV (cash value voucher) as they can only be used at your local Farmer's Market and they are not available year-round.

Vouchers are usually available in our WIC office in June and July, although they are sometimes also available through August or September.  WIC participants who are issued Farmer's Market Vouchers are strongly encouraged to redeem these vouchers before their expiration date.  This is because the number of Farmer's Market Vouchers that our WIC Office are given to issue to participants each summer are based on the number of participants that actually redeem or use their vouchers.

Participants who may qualify for Farmer's Market vouchers must be at least three years old.  Generally only one set of vouchers is issued per family even though more than one of the family members may be old enough to receive these vouchers.  The number of vouchers that our local agency is allowed to offer is based on funding for the program, which may limit the number of participants who receive these vouchers.  Not all participants are entitled to receive Farmer's Market vouchers even though they may meet the age requirements.

You can also check our WIC Calendar for times that farmer's markets may be open in the area.  For additional information about fruits and vegetables check out the Fruits & Veggies More Matters website including, recipes, interesting facts, and tips for healthy eating.

Caldwell County Farmer's Market

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